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A Voice for Life:
Bringing awareness about abortions on demand in the USA.

In the world we live, conception is often thought of as an inconvenience. If thought of as inconvenient, what do you think will happen to these precious children? Very often they are aborted, in fact, according to the centers for disease control, over 2,000 abortions occur daily in the US.

The moment you conceive, the baby has a unique DNA, it is human DNA. 18 days after conception, the child’s heart starts to beat, and by 21 days the heart is pumping blood through a closed circulatory system. After six weeks they have brain function, and after 9 weeks they can feel pain.

Once the baby is conceived, they are a life. If someone were to punch a pregnant women in the stomach, and it resulted in the death of her baby, that is considered murder. It is also considered murder to take a life outside of the womb. So why is it legal for a women to intentionally murder her unborn child?

One of the main contributing factors to the growing abortion rates is declining morality. With the lack of morality in this world, there is more chance of an unwanted, unexpected, and inconvenient conception. So rather than wanting to go through with the pregnancy, of which they caused,  many women would rather go through with an abortion. They would rather kill their child, the life that was entrusted to them, than go through with the pregnancy and give the child up for adoption.
There are 1.7 million people in America who would love to adopt a baby. So why not just let them? Why not save your child’s life?

Another point that I would like to make is about our tax dollars. Our tax dollars are paying for abortions on demand. People say that abortions on demand should be legal, to be fair to the women who opt for it. But how is it fair to use the tax dollars of people who are against abortions? To those who believe it to be morally wrong?  We should not be forced to pay for something we do not believe in. Also, how is that fair to the baby's? It wasn't their fault that they were conceived, and they don't have a choice in the matter. according to the abortion rates in America, Abortion has killed more Americans than the Holocaust. We are killing off our own people!

I am planning on bringing awareness to this cause, by helping to put together an organization for that purpose. I will help organize events, create a website, hand out flyers, etc. I will also tell those who are willing to listen, about the growing abortion rates, the tax dollars being used, and the statistics for when the baby is considered alive.

We need to bring awareness to this. We are killing our own people, and it needs to be stopped. More of our own have been killed by abortion, then the holocaust.

By bringing awareness of this I will stand for those who have no voice, for those who have no choice. I will stand for life.   

I ask any and all to research this. I disagree with "Social reasons" for abortion, the only ones I can say I agree with is rape/incest or if the pregnancy puts the woman's life at risk.

I would like to add one more fact to this, if scientists were to find a single living organism on mars, they would claim that they have found life. Yet if there is a living organism that has been conceived, they abort it and say that it was not a life. Tell me, what is the difference between a living organism there and a living organism here? It is pure hypocrisy. 
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